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What was your life’s ambition?  What did you dream about being when you grew up one day?  A doctor?  A lawyer? A teacher? A firefighter?  I recognized early on the idea that everyone had to pick a college route and teachers seemed the closest to mothers, so my answer to the “what do you want to be…” question was generally, “a teacher!”

While many other children were dreaming about their successful professional futures, I was dreaming about other things.  I could not wait to be a momma and a wife.  Frankly, the wife part was much less important to me then.  I dreamed of breastfeeding, carseats, changing diapers, parenting.  I truly desired only to be a mother.

Now, in school many of us were taught that babies come from, well, you know.  We are warned how easily a baby can be made and we generally assume that it is that simple.  I can tell you from experience, this is not always the case.  I did marry, a wonderful man, and we decided to start a family.  After 5 years and 3 lost pregnancies, we accepted that adoption would be our only route to parenthood.  We were finally blessed with a baby boy, naturally, in 2010 and then a perfect baby girl in 2012!!  Now, in 2016, we are expecting another girl!

My life’s ambition is happening!  I have two amazing children who demand more of me than I think I have sometimes, but make every moment worth it, and another on the way.  I have a wonderful husband, who provides for us beautifully.  We also have three dogs who fill in any boring moment with a little more fun.  Life is complicated, messy, challenging and WONDERFUL!  Join me, won’t you?  Cry with me, Laugh with me, and Share with me on this journey through life!

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  1. Melanie,

    We met a few weeks past at the Nature Center. I found your website and look forward to doing some of these activities with my daughter. Email me and we can meet up again.

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