Florida Grande Peach


We had been talking about getting a peach tree for years.  But when we learned about how they require pruning and care and are not the easiest to tend to, and that they are short-lived trees compared to other types, we passed.


But then we were at Lowe’s and there was a gorgeous peach tree for $20.  We always enjoyed looking at the fruit trees, but to see one with fruit ON it?  We were both scrambling to find information about this Florida Grande peach tree on our phones.  It wasn’t easy.  About all we could learn was that it only required 100 chill hours.  If you aren’t familiar with the need to know chill hours, you must live in an area that has decent winters, and by decent I mean long and actually cold at points.  Our area does not.  We never see snow on the ground, rarely see it in the air and I had roses year round this past year.


We ended up buying this tree in the hopes that it would produce and be a great addition to our “Garden of Eden.”  We ended up with six peaches. Of them, the dogs got two.  No, we didn’t share with them.  They, literally, jumped up and picked the fruit off of the tree.  Our dogs love their produce!

The peaches that we DID get to eat were amazing!  They were very sweet and very soft.  Absolutely amazing.  Definitely a good addition to the garden.  Highly recommended for our area.  It doesn’t bother us that we don’t know exactly how large it will get or what it needs… it seems happy and

by Golly, those peaches were just… YUMMMM!

The leaves began turning yellow and some of them dropped by mid-October.

From what I’ve read, the Florida Grande requires 75-100 chill hours and ripens mid-May.  It is self-pollinating and can grow up to 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It prefers sandy loam that is slightly acidic and well-drained.  It also needs full sun.  It was developed by University of Florida.  It blooms mid-spring, requiring fertilizer in March, May and July.   For larger fruit leave one fruit per six inches of branch.

  1. How is your florida grande peach doing? I have the same tree in my yard. I can’t find much on this particular tree, apparently you and I are the only two with them! haha

    • Unfortunately, our lawn service weed-whacked it heavily and it didn’t recover. :( We miss it. Those were SO good!

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