Gathered Clutch Purse : Tutorial Link

Christmas isn’t all that far away, especially since we generally exchange gifts with my parents at Thanksgiving (airfare is FAR cheaper then… and it isn’t total overload for the kids.)  This year, I’m hoping to get most of our holiday preparations done at home, instead of through stores.  This is going to mean a lot of sewing for a while.  :)  Bummer, right?  Ha ha ha!

Today, I tried out the Gathered Clutch Tutorial at Noodlehead and I had a blast.  Okay, in normal Momma Melanie style, I followed the tutorial for a few minutes… I did the end tabs for the zipper, the gathered side, and then I took off on my own, since I had the basic bag concept down from the wet bags I’ve made.


I’m not going to get into much detail, since the tutorial is amazing!  But I WILL say that I totally confused myself when I was sewing fabric onto the zipper.  And… I used a layer of fleece, not fusible fleece, between the outer and inner fabrics.  So it was fairly thick.

2-DSC00395The two main fabrics were hand-me-downs from Oma and the yellow was from my mom. The zipper was a Goodwill find while I was visiting Maryland, as well.


The inside fabric is particularly sentimental to me.  I remember seeing it in/on all sorts of things at my Oma’s house, as a child.  When I laid it open to cut, I saw that she had a template from a bib cut out from it.  Sweetness!


This bag is smaller than I anticipated, though I didn’t really pay attention to measurements… and I totally know who it is going to go home with, so it’s no biggie.  It’s perfect.  For so many reasons.  (And none of them my craftsmanship.)


And an Update:  I made a second one!!!


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