The Second Spring! 2014

It’s Spring #2, here in the Houston area!  My husband and I call it this because the temps have finally started to drop a bit again and it’s tolerable to be outside.  This is the time of year when we go crazy at the plant nurseries and fill the van with goodies!  Our initial theme, for our backyard, was The Garden of Eden!  We wanted the yard to be full of producers – Fruits and Veggies.  We invisioned an orchard of sorts.  Producers are tricky things.  Especially when our few years here have been scattered with drought and record breaking temps (high and low.)  We adapted our goal to include local varieties that would help draw in Birds, Butterflies and Bees.  We also threw in a few “invasives” to fill areas that seemed impossible to maintain.  The result has been a vast improvement from when we arrived.  To refresh your memory… our yard looked like this:  Blank Slate

And now, after 3 years, it looks like this:


It has changed SO much!  We have had successes and failures and in-betweens.  We tried Muscadine Grapes, which our dogs ate their fill of and scared us thoroughly with – so we passed them on to friends.  We had a Moro Blood Orange, but it didn’t seem to take well to our soil.  Many plants have been mis-planted or neglected and didn’t make the cut.  But still, the successes outnumber the failures.  And we love the changes, as much as we look forward to the future.

This weekend, a great friend came and helped me plant TWO Cavendish Bananas, a Bottle Brush, Ruellia, Lantana, Pride of Barbados, Mexican Butterfly Weed, American BeautyBerry, More Basil Plants, Mums, more Cyclamen, a Miniature Rose, a Knock-Out Rose AND some Marigolds.  I look forward to watching them all grow!  Keep coming back to check, and watch with me!


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