Learning about Frogs!

IMG_20141006_174511886-001We have two African Dwarf Frogs in our new fish tank and we’ve all been enjoying watching their antics.

Being able to watch them swim to the surface for air, crawl around, float and eat has been very entertaining for all of us.  It has also given us many opportunities to discuss life cycles and learn about frogs, as well as the other inhabitants of our tank.

Below are a few resources I used to help continue the learning.

Frog Metamorphosis Song by Singing Zoologist – My kids actually SANG along with this one.  In fact, we’ve been singing it all over the house.  Catchy, and a great way to introduce the word Metamorphosis.

Sesame Street Frog Life Cycle – This video showed the process of fertilization, which was a new, albeit unexpected, vocabulary word.  My son was fascinated by the life cycle and couldn’t wait to teach his Poppa what he had learned.

The Frog Pond for Play Dough, by Life Over C’s, is fantastic!  I printed the frogs, lilly pads, tadpoles, reeds and flies and cut them out.  Then I laminated them so that they would hold up to playdough fun.

The Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Cards, from Learn, Create, Love, were also too adorable to pass up.  I printed them and then cut out and laminated them as well!  I like that there are essentially two sets; a simple image-only one and a more detailed explanation set.  I figured that I can use these again in the future, as the munchkins get older.

The Five Green and Speckled Frogs Puppets, by Picklebums, are ADORABLE, aren’t they?  I printed them out, laminated and then taped popsicle sticks on.  The first time, I held the frogs and we all sang.  The second time, each of the kids held a few frogs and we would stop to count.  Each munchkin yelled out how many they had, and then we would work to add the two numbers together.  Great math opportunity!

The Frog Frolic Kindergarten set, from Ami on homeschoolshare, is also great!  I printed out the frog puzzles and the adding sheets (frogs with dice to count,) and laminated them.  The kids had a blast!  The other parts, we can use when the kids are a little older.

The Frog Anatomy graphic from froglifecycle.com is so cool!

I hope you enjoy these activities as much as I did!


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