The Digestive System


In preparation for learning about our bodies, I had the kids lay on paper and traced them.  They have life-sized cutouts of themselves on our wall.

Today, we used Digestive System Printables from  I printed them and cut them out.  The idea was for the kids to color them, but they weren’t interested in coloring.  We watched the two youtube videos, listed below, and pointed at the parts on the papers as we went through them.  We taped them to the body cutouts afterwards.

We also used measuring tapes to find out how long 20 feet is, which is about how long the small intestine is (according to one clip.)  The kids’ tape measures only measure to 12 feet, but that was enough to get them pretty amazed.

Belly Bonanza –  This video is adorable!  My only complaint is that the voices are hard to understand at times.  That said, I watched with the kids and helped them understand what was going on.

Mr. R’s Digestion Song – My 2.5 year old daughter was singing along to this one.  Cute!  They loved the toilet reference, especially.

Storybots Tummy Song

Lastly, we watched The Magic Schoolbus for Lunch :  Season 1 / Episode 2.  The series is available on Netflix until early November, and after that, I will be a sad Momma!


Later, we also used the Read, Build, Write mats from Homeschool Creations.  They practiced the words body & eat.


I hope you enjoy the resources we used to learn about the Digestive System!

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