Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Today, we focused on the Skeletal and the Muscular Systems.  First, we watched quick videos about them.

How Your Bones & Skeleton Works – KidsHealthVideos

How Your Muscles Work – KidsHealthVideos

Then, we made Mr. Skeleton from  Please be aware that this activity was heavy on the cutting!  I printed two copies of it (I have two munchkins) and cut all of the parts out.  I was able to fit 10 pages of parts onto 5 laminating sheets (oh yeah!!) and then had to cut them all out again.  When I FINALLY finished my part, the kids had a blast using them as a puzzle and then putting them together.  IMGP0376-001

My son was able to almost completely pre-assemble his without assistance.  Thank you, Health Museum of Houston!!!  My daughter needed more help, but still had a blast!


It was a fitting activity for the week before Halloween, and since I had all of the parts on hand, it was free!

We watched The Magic Schoolbus :  Flexes it’s Muscles (from Season 2).   It is available on Netflix until November 5, 2014!  After that, I’ll be a sad Momma!

We enjoyed singing along to The Skeleton Song

and Storybots “Bones in Your Body” is another fun one.

There is also an episode of Sid the Science Kid –  Muscle Boy Sid  Season 1:  Episode 37 (Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime)

 AND Bubble Guppies  – Season 1 : Episode 1 : Call a Clambulance (Available on Amazon Prime)

This cute bone song is from the Bubble Guppies show!

I hope you enjoy these links too!  Have a great day!

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