Library Bags : Encouraging a Love of Literature!

IMGP9502I took the kids to a Pajama Storytime, earlier this week.  They enjoyed it very much and wanted to bring some books home.  How does a Momma say no to that?  I got a library card for my son, who is almost 5, and let the kids choose some books.  The lesson I learned was that having preschoolers carry a stack of books can be, well, challenging.

On Wednesday, I asked the little monkeys if they would enjoy having a bag to carry their library books in.  The answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!”  I promptly searched pinterest for “library bags” and found the Kids Totes by Running with Scissors.

I had the kids go through  my “stash” of fabrics and pick three colors to use on their bags.  They had a blast!  I managed to knock out two bags in one afternoon, and I am pretty darn happy with the results!IMGP9498

Each bag holds about 10 thin children’s books.  They seem durable enough to hold up to the weight, as well.

The kids were so excited that we went to the library and loaded up on books… then read them all… and then went back again the next day.IMGP9500

In the future, I think I would make them a tiny bit wider, because we really do have to be creative to get all of the books to fit.  Otherwise, they are lovely!

In case you  missed it above, the pattern is for Kids Totes by Running with Scissors.  Have a Great Day!

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