Artist Study: Matisse

IMGP0587One of the most enjoyable parts of homeschooling, at least in my home, is that I am not limited to the constraints of a prepared curriculum.  Sometimes, this is overwhelming, as I find myself desiging a custom curriculum for Reading AND Math AND Science AND Art…  Most of the time, I enjoy it, immensely.

Among the fun things we learned, we were most inspired by Matisse’s determination to continue with his art, even after he was limited to his bed.  Did you know that he wore sunglasses, because the colors he was using were too bright for his aging eyes?  Fascinating!

Art Projects, Inspired by Matisse

I was so excited to run across Jill Day’s Wilder Paint Splatters Blog!  Her “Marvelous Matisse Cutouts” activity looked like so much fun, we had to give it a try!   You should definitely go to her site to get the instructions.    I’ll share some photos from our process.  It was so much fun.


I provided watercolor paper and blue watercolors, for the kids to paint the water, and orange construction paper and red & yellow tempera, for the goldfish.  We tried the saran wrap, but it didn’t do anything for me and the watercolors looked pretty fantastic, I think!

IMGP0575I folded the “Goldfish” paper and cut out a simple fish shape.  I also cut out the vase shape from the watercolor page, and a table from black construction paper.

IMGP0578 The kids did their “Drawing with Scissors” to fill the background.  For us, the backgrounds were the backs of some cereal boxes.

IMGP0583The kids had a blast putting their pieces of art together.  Any day that they use glue and scissors is a good one, right?


The next project that we did was inspired by Mrs. W’s Matisse Style Snails at Switzer Elementary!  Again, definitely look at the site to see the instructions and find other amazing ideas.

IMGP0599We had a friend come for a playdate and finished up our Matisse study with these.  I cut construction paper into strips and asked the kids to cut them into squares.  My monkeys cut all of their shapes.  Our guest requested assistance so the gluing could begin.


IMGP0597I think they turned out fantastically!


Books about Matisse

These were all available through my local library, but the links I’m giving here go to Amazon.  They are affiliate links, which means that if you were to make a purchase, it would help support my family.


YouTube Videos about Matisse

We didn’t actually watch any videos, this time.  The books that we borrowed from our local library were fantastic and we had so much fun with the artwork!  Here are two videos that you might enjoy.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, as I had so much fun working my way through it.  The kids had a chance to experience different types of art media and learn about Matisse.  Have a wonderful day!

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