Dreaming of Baby Gear

With a little one growing in my womb, I’m spending some time thinking about what baby gear I loved with my first two babies.  My son is now almost 6 and my daughter is 4, so it’s been a while, but there are still some things I won’t be changing.

The list below is in order, as best as I can recall, from birth on.  There were certain things I was grateful to have in my hospital bag, and other things that we used for years.  I hope this helps someone!

Luna Bars :   Yes, the hospital will provide meals, but in between, I was FAMISHED.  Having some snacks of my own around was fantastic for the gaps.

Disposable Nursing Pads :  Your milk may or may not come in, during your hospital stay.  From early on, I liked having these around.  I remember many a day when I forgot to put them in and someone pointed out the nice wet marks through my shirts.  If you plan to nurse, these are good to have.

Breast Pump :  Initially, I rented a pump from the hospital.  Eventually, I owned three different pumps.


When I learned about Open vs. Closed system pumps… I promptly ordered a brand new pump.   If you read nothing else about breast pumps, consider reading this article on KellyMom!

The pump that I ended up purchasing is the Lansinoh Affinity pump.  Compared to other pumps, I found it to be fairly quiet and I liked being able to adjust things, and use it with or without a power cord.  I had previously owned a large Medela Pump in Style and a Medela Swing.  I would happily purchase the Lansinoh again, but I kept it so I won’t have to.

Although I loved my pump, I did not love the bottles that came with it.  My favorite bottles to use with my daughter were the Dr. Browns glass bottles.  They come in different sizes and can be sanitized easily.  Breastmilk sticks to plastic and eventually leaves a film or staining, but glass stays cleaner.

Baby Carriers:  When my son was first born, I used the Moby Wrap.  Once it was on and he was settled, I loved it.  However, I felt like every time I took him out, I had to redo the whole thing.  I found myself quite frustrated with the wrapping and rewrapping.

When I discovered the K’Tan, I realized I could have the comfort for him, without the wrapping.

I also LOVE that there is a half mesh / half cotton version (Baby K’Tan Breeze Carrier)  Living in Texas, having an option that lets baby get more air is really really nice!

If you do consider getting this carrier, I suggest you go to a baby supply store and try one on.  Often, stores will have a baby doll to try to carry.  Because the k’tan isn’t a wrappable length of fabric, size DOES matter!

The K’tan rocked for infancy, but as baby gets larger, I find the Ergo to be my favorite.

I was actually able to carry my son on my back, in the ergo, and my daughter in the k’tan or sling on my front.

I’m telling you about the original Ergo because I haven’t tried any of the newer models.  I hear they have their perks.  I loved my original ergo.  The shoulder straps were comfortable for me, the weight of my children was put onto my hips and not my back, the hood was wonderful for keeping them in the shade and letting them nap.  I found it simple to put on to my front and swing around onto my back.

The downside was that, once it was off, it was cumbersome.  That said, if I put it on, it usually stayed on for HOURS… and so that wasn’t generally an issue.  I didn’t have much success carrying my son as an infant in it, but once he could be in without the insert, we used it until he was well over 3 years old.

Our third “keeper” carrier is the Taylor Made Mesh Sling.  When our son was born, we lived in a trailer, where we didn’t have a space to bathe him traditionally.  He showered with me.  This was made so much simpler, and safer, by this sling.

While it works beautifully in shower or swimming pool, it really shines in the hot weather.  This sling has allowed me to carry each of my children, even in the hot Texas heat.  It allows breezes to come through and kept us comfortable.  It is much easier to store and carry along than the other two I mentioned and is easy to adjust, so it works no matter what size you are.

Have a wonderful day!

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